Hitting the Road: The Nano Vision Cureathon

Nano Vision Cureathon

We have big and far-reaching goals to revolutionize global health. We want to accelerate the development of cures for cancer, the defeat of superbugs and the prevention of deadly infectious diseases like Ebola and the flu. We want to cure the curing process.

Of course, no one can achieve this alone. This is a global issue and will require collaboration on a global scale. That’s why we’re creating a global, decentralized marketplace that allows anyone to participate in furthering these goals. We want everyone – from scientists in Zurich and university students in Singapore to teachers in San Francisco and doctors in Tokyo – to join in this collective fight against threats to all of our health.

In the upcoming months, Nano will hit the road to spread our message and rally people from all corners of the world around this common mission. Our first stop will be at the end of March in Zurich, Switzerland. Nano’s chairman and CEO, Steve Papermaster, will be one of the headline keynotes at this year’s Crypto Summit.

We want to encourage everyone to think about the current state of healthcare on a personal level. Have you had a family member go through chemotherapy and wondered why there wasn’t a better treatment option? Do you have a genetic predisposition to an untreatable disease? Might you someday need inpatient surgery? Do you worry about the results of your annual health screenings? Have you ever had the flu?

As you can see, our mission impacts every person around the world. At Nano Vision, we have spent the last several years building a groundbreaking technology platform to rapidly accelerate cures for diseases. Using a chip to collect important data in real time, artificial intelligence to find new patterns and correlations, and a proprietary blockchain technology to secure and attribute data, we are ready to revolutionize global health. The only missing piece is you.

To encourage participation, the Nano Vision Marketplace will use our cryptocurrency, called the Nano Cure Coin, to compensate all participants, or “citizen scientists,” for their contributions. We hope you’ll join us in this important mission and look forward to sharing more information and updates from our Cureathon including upcoming events and locations and stories from the road as we meet new citizen scientists around the world.

About Nano Vision (nanovision.com)

Nano Vision is pioneering a decentralized blockchain economy empowering citizens and scientists to accelerate treatments and cures for infectious diseases, cancers and chronic health challenges.