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The Nano Cure Platform represents a multi-pronged approach to tackling major global health issues with technology and creativity. Our team has many components in the works and our plans are big and bold – these are the core pieces of our Platform today.

Nano Cure Platform

The Nano Cure Platform™ is dedicated to shifting the traditional "point of care" to perpetual care through health connectivity, data and intelligence. Our edge computing devices, Nano Bots™, and Nano Sense™ operating system enable detection and monitoring services architected to collect and make sense of population and individual-level molecular data. Cloud-based analytics and visualization services for Cure Developers, bolstered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), provide new tools and capabilities to drive accelerated development and delivery of care and cures spanning diagnostics, treatment, and prevention.

Nano's initial class of services is through a unique, broadly applicable data stream - environmental determinants of health, which includes physical, biological, and chemical exposures from our direct everyday interactions with people and physical spaces - the impacts of which extend from drug and biologic development to epidemiology and public health.

The Nano Device and Sensor Network

The Nano device and sensor network is designed to bring "lives online" to our Nano Cure Platform, establishing real-time connectivity to measure and track critical environments – ranging from clinical research and care settings to home, transit, and hospitality. This connectivity enables the monitoring and analysis of environmental data to increase our understanding of how these conditions and exposure profiles affect health and research outcomes.

Analytics & Applications

Healthcare and life sciences stakeholders utilize Nano's data analytics and visualization applications to monitor real-time conditions, identify signals and correlations, and run powerful analytics models against other contextual datasets. For example, a correlation may be identified between routine HVAC filter maintenance and infection reports in a post-surgical area of a healthcare facility, leading to revised protocols and a decrease in preventable infections.

We believe in making health better

At Nano, we believe that our health deserves the same commitment to innovation and modernization as other industries like transportation and communication. We’re looking at health problems from new angles and are guided by the principle that more data about the world around us means better outcomes.

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